Board Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting minutes are available after they have been approved at the following month's Board meeting.


May 2017 meeting minutes

  • Study and Engagement: "The Productivity Formula"
  • Spring Board Retreat recap

April 2017 meeting minutes

  • Seating of newly elected Board members
  • Annual Meeting recap
  • Assigning of Board committees and chairs

March 2017 meeting minutes

  • Approved use of electronic voting for bylaw approval
  • Reviewed all committee charters and updated as needed
  • Study & Engagement: P6

February 2017 meeting minutes

  • Study & Engagement: Upholding Co-op values in a time of political upheaval
  • Discussion about April's Annual Meeting agenda

January 2017 meeting minutes

  • Study & Engagement: Staff serving on the Board
  • March's Board meeting moved to March 21st due to March 14th being during Spring Break

December 2016 meeting minutes

  • Proposal for Growth Project Presentations approved
  • Board election and possible applicant update

November 2016 meeting minutes

  • Study and Engagement discussion: "Membership Rights and Responsibilities": Establishing share price and payment options
  • Discuss procedure for members to call a special meeting
  • February Board meeting moved to Monday, February 13th 

October 2016 meeting minutes

  • Board will increase to 9 seats.
  • Election packet is currently available on Co-op's website and at the Customer Service Desk.
  • The Board voted to remove the "no" option in an uncontested election. There will be the option to abstain. 

September 2016 meeting minutes

  • Study and Engagement discussion: Two Cooperative Grocer articles 
  • Discuss Board elections timeline

August 2016 meeting minutes

  • Tim Kohler to fill the vacant director seat.
  • Bylaws approved for legal review

July 2016 meeting minutes

  • Review Bylaw feedback from Owners
  • Discuss Bylaw adoption timeline

June 2016 meeting minutes

  • Reviewed the Bylaw Revision process
  • Adopted Governance Policies

May 2016 meeting minutes

  • Study and Engagement discussion: CG Growth Roadway by Art Sherwood
  • Proposed Bylaw Draft will be released to membership with a revision process timeline

April 2016 meeting minutes

  • Public Forum comments regarding Bill Beck and 2016 election
  • Seating of Laurene Sorensen and David Nelson
  • Approval to start process to fill vacancy by Board appointment

March 2016 meeting minutes

  • Proposal on whom to retain for legal counsel for capitalization options and bylaws update
  • Discussion about what Board business information should be provided regularly to owners and in response to requests
  • Study & Engagement: growth capitalization options

February 2016 meeting minutes

  • Public Forum: Concern about process for changing bylaws
  • Vote to propose new bylaws at later date
  • Study & Engagement discussion: growth capitalization questions

January 2016 meeting minutes

  • Study & Engagement discussion: growth capitalization options
  • Consideration of changing bylaws to allow staff service on the Board of Directors
  • Bylaw review and change discussion

December 2015 meeting minutes

  • Public Forum: Call for Staff service on the Co-op Board
  • Discussion about ownership clarifications needed for online voting
  • Ad hoc committee on owner communications report

November 2015 meeting minutes

  • Growth Forum reflections
  • Resolution to distribute patronage dividends
  • Approval of electronic voting in 2016 Board election





      October 2015 meeting minutes

      • Board resignations
      • Appointment candidate interviews
      • Electronic voting discussion & vote

      September 2015 meeting minutes

      • Study and Engagement: Growth and Expansion
      • Policy report: Participating Owner discount equity
      • Election 2016 planning

      August 2015 meeting minutes

      • Public Forum: Community News feedback
      • Owner Engagement Ad Hoc Committee Clarifications
      • Study & Engagement: The Importance of Retail Purchasing Guidelines.

      The July Board meeting was cancelled due to Board member schedule conflicts.

      June 2015 Board Minutes

      • Public Forum: Staff service on Board, Community News
      • Board Resolution on Idaho Civil Rights Act
      • Board Affirmation of non-discrimination

      May 2015 Board Minutes

      • Public Forum: Community News; Diversity & Inclusion
      • Tuesday Growers Market
      • GM Compensation policy

      April 2015 Board Minutes

      • Community News discussion
      • Co-op values discussion
      • Tuesday Growers Market update

      March 2015 Board Minutes

      • 2015 budget projects
      • Policy for GM performance evaluation and compensation review

      February 2015 Board Minutes

      • Owner account/bylaw clarity
      • Study & Engagement discussion: Board and GM roles in owner engagement

      January 2015 Board Minutes

      • General Manager Operations Reports
      • Board candidate eligibility

      December 2014 Board Minutes

      • Study & Engagement discussion: cooperative democracy and its influence on products, elections, and more
      • Report and questions about MFC financial conditions

      November 2014 Board Minutes

      • Discussion about communication channels and community event sponsorships
      • Study & Engagement discussion: “Spirit of Generosity” reading

      October 2014 Board Minutes

      • Study & Engagement discussion: readings about the growth process
      • Report: new Owner Services position

      September 2014 Board Minutes

      • Mission statement
      • Current financial conditions

      August 2014 Board Minutes

      • Plan for approaching Co-op growth
      • Finalizing GM grievance details

      July 2014 Board Minutes

      • Open Board seat
      • Strategic Plan

      June 2014 Board Minutes

      • Decision about patronage dividends
      • Reconsideration of ad hoc Participating Owner Committee

      May 2014 Board Minutes

      • Discussion about grievance process
      • Board policy compliance

      April 2014 Board Minutes

      • New director and officers
      • Lewiston Co-op effort

      March 2014 Board Minutes

      • Study & Engagement on owner engagement
      • Ad Hoc Participating Owner Committee formation

      February 2014 Board Minutes

      • Participating Owner Program
      • Strategic Plan update

      January 2014 Board Minutes

      • Policy change regarding access to personnel files
      • Executive session regarding at-will employment