Exercising Kids: An Array of Benefits for your Children w/ Dr. Connolly

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Exercising Kids: An Array of Benefits for your Children w/ Dr. Connolly

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This is the fifth class in a 6-part series on Physical Activity, Exercise, and Family Health taught by Dr. Christopher Connolly, Kinesiology Professor and Director of the WSU Exercise Physiology & Performance Laboratory. Class are held the last Thursday of each month from 5:15 - 6:30 at the Uma Center (located at 414 Jefferson St. in Moscow).

Exercising Kids - An Array of Benefits for your Children: 

Our children are our most precious possession and their health is of greatest priority.  However, there is an uncertainly among many parents as to what kinds, types, and amounts of exercise are beneficial for children.  In this class, we will discuss the current recommendations for pediatric physical activity as well as review the many health benefits regular exercise will provide to them.  Also, we will discuss scientific findings regarding resistance training, traditional weight training, and endurance exercise among children.

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This class series is meant to provide focus on exercise for children, pregnant women, postpartum women, and exercising as a family unit. Because life can be hectic, there will also be methods or techniques by which family units can be active in a time-efficient manner. 

You can register for individual classes or the entire series. Classes in this series will be as follows: 

  1. The Many Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy
  2. Exercise for the Postpartum Woman: Challenges, Strategies, and Positive Effects
  3. Preventing Family Illness through Regular Exercise
  4. Reducing Depressive Symptoms, Negative Mood, and Anxiety through Exercise
  5. Exercising with Kids: An Array of Benefits for your Children
  6. The Wonder of Family-Centered Physical Activity

Instructor Bio: Dr. Christopher Connolly directs the Exercise Physiology & Performance Laboratory at Washington State University. His research primarily involves exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, specifically examining the vast array of health benefits that can result for both mother and baby. Dr. Connolly's research laboratory aims to help pregnant and postpartum women become more physically active, by better understanding the unique exercise barriers that they face.