Looking to stretch your grocery budget? So are we! That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our new Co+op Basics program. Co+op Basics offers everyday low prices on many popular grocery and household items. From beans to beef, you’ll find new low prices on some old favorites as well as some new high-quality products. Plus, all special discounts such as FLOWER (Fresh, Local, and Organic Within Everyone's Reach), Senior Tuesdays, Wellness Wednesdays, and Student Fridays will stack with the low prices for even more savings!

The Moscow Food Co-op is able to offer this program not by paying farmers or employees any less, but by working with a network of other cooperatively-owned food stores across the country to negotiate lower prices on value brand organic and natural products.  The Co-op will also continue to offer great prices on items like house-made Daily Wheat bread and organic bananas. Every day, you'll find purple Co+op Basics signage on several items in the store!

Don’t forget to take advantage of these other great ways to save when shopping the Co-op:

  • Co+op Deals – our biweekly flyer focused on packaged grocery
  • Bulk – save when buying just what you need; buy a pinch or a pound
  • Discount Days - learn about discounts for students, seniors, wellness products, and more!
  • Good and Cheap - a Cookbook designed for consumers on a tight budget
  • Cheaper by the Dozen - a 12-step guide to getting the most out of your grocery budget at The Co-op
  • FLOWER - a Co-op Program for Owners who qualify for a number of benefits programs
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget - a class series taught by co-op volunteer and registered dietitian Alice Ma