Dime In Time

Dime in Time is a community program of the Moscow Food Co-op. Customers are given a 10-cent refund every time they bring in a reusable tote bag or drink cup. Cashiers will ask these customers if they would like to keep their refund or donate it to Dime in Time. A committee made up Co-op staff, community members and Co-op participating owners choose one recipient for each month. Customers will have the opportunity to choose to donate their “dime” to either the organization awarded for the month by the Dime in Time committee OR to get a 10 cent discount. Award recipients will, in turn, write an article for the Co-op’s use during the month they are chosen, telling about the organization and their plans for how they will use the funds.

This Co-op program is to benefit non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-discriminatory organizations whose goals complement or support the Mission Statement of the Co-op:

Working together to nourish and nurture our community

The committee meets quarterly, in the first week January, April, July, and October. To be considered, please submit your application at least two weeks before the start of the month. Those applications which are not chosen will remain in consideration until the next meeting - for example, if your submission is received in time to be considered during the January meeting but is not chosen, it will remain in consideration for the April meeting, after which you will need to resubmit. 

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"Working together to nourish and nurture our community."
Please provide a budget which shows how the funds will be used and what the expected costs will be.
If your organization is not chosen by our Dime in Time committee in their next meeting, it will be considered for the following meeting.
1) To write a 400-word article for The Co-op's use, due by the 15th of the chosen month, explaining your organization's purpose and the proposed use of funds (submit this to editors@moscowfood.coop) 2) To promote Dime In Time amongst members of your organization and the larger community 3) To mention the Moscow Food Co-op in any publicity, written or oral, related to the project funded (in part or in whole) by Dime in Time funds.