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On the back of your co-op ownership card, you will see a 9-digit number staring with 400, please input the last six digits here.
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1. The FLOWER discount will remain active for one year - applicants must renew their discount by one year from the date of application. 2. A current ownership at the Moscow Food Co-op is required for participation. If your ownership becomes inactive, you must reapply for the FLOWER discount after renewing your ownership for $10 at the register. 3. Retroactive discounts for periods of inactivity are not possible. 4. Ownerships at the Moscow Food Co-op are household ownerships. The Ownership and FLOWER discount MUST NOT be shared with customers or family members NOT LISTED on the membership, with the exception of dependent children under 18 years of age. 5. Specials and low price items, Owner Deals, Co-op branded merchandise, and alcohol do not receive the FLOWER discount. The only store discount which does stack with FLOWER is the discount for Co-op Basics items.

One last thing!

Thank you for filling out our new online FLOWER application - once you have filled out and submitted this form, you will need to bring proof of your current benefits (or proof of eligibility) to The Co-op and leave them either with a Cashier or at the Customer Service desk, to be received by the Education and Events Coordinator, Max Newland.

If you have any questions about the application, the application process, proof of benefits, or any other item pertaining to the FLOWER program, you can email Max (mnewland@moscowfood.coop) or call The Co-op and dial extension 222.