We hit the front page!

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As you may have noticed, we were on top of the fold on December 26th. Though the news is not anything groundbreaking (pun intended), some of you may be wondering what it really means. Are we committed to opening a Pullman store? Absolutely. As soon as we can do it in a sustainable way. When we launched our expansion investigation, we proposed an 18-24 month timeline until the doors opened on the Pullman store. We may have been a little ambitious, as this is the first time we have taken on a project of this magnitude. Our board and staff have been hard at work getting our co-op ready to expand. This means little things like figuring out how paper gets from one place to another and big things like getting our bylaws updated and finding a location. Throw in estimated construction of 12-16 months on any location that we might choose, and you've got a recipe to blow right past that original timeline.

So what does this really mean, how long until doors are open on a Pullman Co-op?

That part is a little bit tricky. We are continuing to work on all the things big and small that we feel are key to opening in a sustainable way. Once we get all of those things done, we still have to find the right location. While we don't have a definite answer, we grow closer every day. We are excited to grow and support the Moscow and Pullman community by providing good food, great community, and supporting the local economy. We look forward to delivering another groundbreaking front page headline as soon as we can. In the meantime, thank you for being a part of what makes our co-op great!