As you may have heard, the Center has launched a GoFund me campaign with the intention of sing that money to help make a habitable space for us in their building. The money will be used to put in a new kitchen, install an ADA compliant bathroom, renovate an office, and create some retail space that we could inhabit.

Why open in the Christian Center? 

When looking for spaces to rent on or near campus, there are few locations available that are privately owned and available for rent. When the Center approached us about the possibility of renting the space, we took our time to get to know their board. In that time, we found that although the name Christian may be in their name, the center was home to events of many faiths and open to any and all members of the UI community, regardless of religious affiliation. In short, this is a great location on campus with neighbors that we feel great about renting from. The Co-op continues to be open to all and inclusive to all and has found the Center willing to do the same.

Isn't the Co-op already conveniently located near to campus?

Yes and no. While catching a free bus ride to the co-op to make a larger shopping trip may not be a hassle, you definitely are not going to be able to pop to the co-op for a coffee and sandwich when buses only run every 30 minutes. We are hoping that avoiding the hassle of downtown will help UI students and staff choose the campus location as a great place to grab fair trade coffee and a delicious sandwich more often.

When is this location supposed to open?

We are aiming to open before school starts back up, but this will depend on a variety of factors. We will let you know when we have a more solid date.

If you wish to contribute to the remodel of the Center, you can visit the link below.