Class Instructor Information

Thank you for choosing to teach a class with the Moscow Food Co-op. We're glad you want to share your skills, knowledge, and passion with the community. At the heart of all our programming is a spirit of community and generosity. We strive to offer basic kitchen skills; knowledge and empowerment around food, gardening, and sustainable living; and education related to personal health and wellness while providing members of the community the opportunity to try new things in a supportive environment. We have modeled our system after several Co-op's that have found classes are most successful when instructors have maximum input on their classes.

Once you have reviewed the information below, the next step is to complete a class proposal form

Class proposals


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  • Proposals Due November 5th for Classes in December, January, and February
  • Proposals Due February 5th for Classes in March, April, and May
  • Proposals Due May 5th for Classes in June, July, August
  • Proposals Due August 5th for Classes in September, October, November


  • Instructors are encouraged to submit their proposals in advance of submission deadlines, if possible.
  • Classes are held at various locations in Moscow and Pullman. If you have a preference for a specific location please put that in the additional comments section of the proposal. 
  • Classes are chosen based on their likelihood for success with owners and shoppers, the instructors’ expertise and references, and evaluations from classes previously taught through the Moscow Food Co-op Class Program. 
    • You may also print a hard copy of your proposal and turn it in at the Customer Service desk or fax it to 208-882-8082. If you have any questions, please call the Education & Outreach Coordinator at 208-882-8537 during regular                                                                                                 business hours. 

Class registration 

•    Moscow Food Co-op will handle all registration of students/participants and collection of fees. Community members          can register online or in the store at the Customer Service desk. See the Classes & Education section for current class      offerings. 

•    Instructors determine the participant minimum for the class to be held, the class size limit, and class costs. This allows        you maximum control and ensures you are able to cover the costs of your materials as well as your time.  

•    Two seats per class are reserved for Moscow Food Co-op staff at no charge (and these are not included in your                  minimum participant count). 

•    Instructors may call the Education & Outreach Coordinator at 208-882-8537 at any time to check on registration                levels. 

•    3-5 days before the class the instructor will need to check registration and determine if the class has enough                      participants. They must then contact the Education & Outreach Coordinator to cancel or change a class. 

instructor payment

•    Moscow Food Co-op retains 15% of class fees from lectures and classes to help cover rental costs for the location             and/or related promotional costs. Please price accordingly. 

•    Moscow Food Co-op provides a 20% discount on items purchased at the Co-op for use in classes. If you are                       purchasing items for a class, contact the Education & Outreach Coordinator in advance to arrange the discounted               shop. 

•    Instructors determine what to charge per participant. We ask that Co-op Owners be charged $3-5 less than non-              members, so please price accordingly. 

•   Class fees should be enough to cover all materials for the class. Unless the instructor is volunteering his/her time or            teaching the class as part of a paid work position, the fee should also include the instructor’s desired compensation for      his/her time.

•    Instructors must turn in a W-9 to the Co-op in order to receive payment for teaching their classes. Once the W-9 is on        file, instructors will be sent a check and statement of account for any class(es) taught within 30 days of teaching. 

class materials & other information

•   We would love to have some classes that are free for the community. If you are interested in providing a free class,           please indicate this on your form. If you have questions or concerns about offering a free class, contact the Education &     Outreach Coordinator. 

•    All paid (classes charging a fee) lectures should provide a written handout. Cooking classes should provide samples. 

•    All ingredients for cooking classes should be available for purchase at the Moscow Food Co-op. 

•    Instructors may provide information about their business or area of expertise, but our classes are meant to spread              knowledge, not just advertise. Excessive advertisement often results in poor evaluations unless the class is being              offered for free.  

•    Moscow Food Co-op does not allow distribution of recruitment or campaign literature. 

•    Class evaluations will be provided. Instructors should facilitate completion of these and have students return them to        the box provided. 

•    Instructors are responsible for notifying the Education & Outreach Coordinator of all tools needed for the class and            communicating needs in a timely manner. 

Once you have reviewed the information above, the next step is to complete a class proposal form