Co-op Business Partner Profile: LifePath Strategies

For over 25 years, Scott Campbell has been successfully guiding others. He opened LifePath Strategies in 2009, where he uses hypnosis and personal coaching to help people live more joyful and fulfilling lives. He assists with workplace coaching, ceasing smoking, releasing anxiety, relaxed childbirth, assisting students to find direction and more.

Scott helps people become happier by using assessments to help people recognize their natural emotional and behavioral tendencies. His business began in Pullman, but has recently relocated to a beautifully serene space in Moscow.

In the early 80’s Scott became personally involved in hypnosis as an athlete; he was an All-American and set a National Record. Later, while a faculty member at Canisius College, he joined their coaching staff and brought their team from 24th to 4th place in two years. He also offered aspects of hypnosis in his classroom by teaching students ways to focus on learning and improve their test taking abilities.

In the 2000's he decided to get more in depth hypnosis training and learned the Gil Boyne method at Success Coach Technologies in Tampa Florida. He then trained in the Krasner Method and received his Master Hypnotherapist certification in Toronto at the Global Welcome organization. Scott is currently a Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the Association for Integrative Psychology.

Most recently, Scott added another tool for working with his clients. He became a certified Birthing As Nature Intended(TM) educator. He holds childbirth classes for expectant parents, showing them how to use hypnosis to experience a calm and relaxed childbirth. B.A.N.I.(TM) classes teach people how to remain calm and remove the fear that causes pain so the various muscles can function harmoniously to provide a more comfortable and often easier birth.

Some people may have misconceptions about hypnosis. Scott describes it as “a naturally occurring state we go in and out of all day long.” It can be thought of as a period of focused relaxation. People are not asleep and are not like a zombie. They are rather in a relaxed state that allows them better access to their subconscious, much like the time just before sleeping and waking.

Scott is involved in the community in many other ways. He maintains a piano tuning service, having loved music since he was young. He is also an actor and director with local community theatres and is actively involved in an improv group. He uses his acting talents as a trained simulated client for the WSU Veterinary School. These are people who are trained to act as real clients so the veterinary students can practice effectively communicating with owners of their future patients.

Life Path Strategies is a Moscow Food Co-op Business Partner.

Through this relationship, Co-op owners receive 10% off regular sessions of hypnotherapy or life coaching and 5% off regular Birthing as Nature Intended hypnosis classes. Owners must present their Co-op card to receive the discount.

LifePath Strategies is located in Moscow at 200 S. Almon Street, Suite 209
509-338-3694 |

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