December Art at the Co-op

It has become a tradition that our very own Molly Klingler has an art show in the month of December at the Co-op. The show will open on the evening of Friday, December 11, and will run through Wednesday, January 6.

Molly is now 11 years old. She had her first show here when she was in second grade. Molly was born an artist and has had the great good luck to be encouraged by her mother, Sandi Klingler, to follow her passion. Molly has always had access to art supplies and been given the time and opportunity to explore and pursue art in all forms.

Molly is a 6th grade student at Palouse Prairie Charter School. Her interests apart from art include making up plays with her friends, watching every cooking show she can find, reading voraciously, and swimming at the lake in season. From her first work with crayons and markers, Molly has moved on to other mediums. She loves to draw and paint, and has recently started sculpting with clay. She will draw people's pets on request and has great fun illustrating dreams.

Molly is selling her cards this year to help fund a trip with her class to the McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS), for a week in January. These cards will be on sale at the opening and can also be ordered through her mom, Sandi. Prints will also be available for sale.

When Molly grows up she wants to be an entomologist, an artist, an oceanographer, or a geologist, or perhaps a combination of all of these... She hopes you enjoy her art. Come and meet Molly during the evening of Friday, December 11, starting around 5:30 p.m., and continue to enjoy the art through Wednesday, January 6.