January Art at the Co-op

We are very happy to have the art of Traci Haselhuhn on our art wall in January. Her show will open on Friday January 8th, with a chance to meet the artist between 5:30 pm and 7 pm.

Traci has worked at the Co-op for quite a few years and is at the moment Assistant Service Manager in the deli. I love discovering the many talents of our staff, and Traci is very talented. She has had shows before at the Co-op and her art always impresses and intrigues me.

Traci, who lives in Moscow with her son, Joey, has been an artist her whole life. She graduated from University of Idaho with an Art Education degree. She explains that her art comes from her very lucid and vivid dreaming space that “allows my imagination to run wild.” She also says that she loves “the challenge and forethought that go into the process.”

Traci writes, “Just like life, art isn't about the end product, but the journey it took you on to get there.” Come and see the show opening on the evening of Friday January 8th, and you will have the chance to see the end product in her beautiful creations and the opportunity to ask Traci about the process. I am excited to see Traci's new art. I am sure you will also enjoy it. The show will continue through Wednesday February 10th.