Art at the Co-op

In April we will welcome once again to the co-op, artist extraordinaire Carolyn Doe. Carolyn has shown her art many times at the co-op over the last ten years and it never fails to amaze me. Her show will open Friday April 10th, with a chance to meet the artist between 5.00pm and 6.30pm, and will continue through Wednesday  May 6th.

Carolyn's first shows were beautiful batik creations, and from there she went on to water colors and then oils. She often takes her inspiration from Nature. Here is how she describes her journey.

"Welcome to my art,
I am self taught which only means I just played until I figured something out. My ongoing education in art takes place through my own passion and pleasure in the exploration of creative processes.
Always excited by fiberarts and having been raised by a seamstress, I started working in batik on silk fabric over twenty five years ago, making time in between raising two children and working.  Batik has become my voice. When dye touches silk fabric it spreads like crazy. The wax creates a boundary. It is this dance of control/no control that captivates me for hours. Through this ethereal quality, I try to convey the essence of a place and of the creatures who dwell there.
Watercolor has not only influenced my batik work to new possibilities but has also taught me that less is more. Being much easier to travel with, I am also able to record images to use later in my batik work.
About a year ago I took a class on palette knife painting in oils. Thick textures and vibrant colors. A whole new world is now revealing itself to me thru this medium.
My inspiration comes mostly from the natural landscape that surrounds me at whatever place I am traveling through, working in, or residing at. The theme of ice, snow, mountains, and penguins comes from six seasons spent working down in Antarctica. Like the cold, the beauty of Antarctica’s changing light cuts deep to the bone. 
I have lately found large cities and buildings intriguing. Hours spent observing, then I go indoors and create. My work as a field camp manager and cook around the state of Alaska allows me to experience wonderful, wild and remote places. 
I like the movement of birds. So they come and go in my paintings. And the stillness of trees. 
There is enough inspiration for me to last several lifetimes. 
I currently have work in galleries and private collections all over the US, as well as in several countries around the world, including Antarctica."

You can see more of my artwork on these 2 websites:'

Do come and meet Carolyn during the evening of Friday April 10th and enjoy her art through Wednesday May 6th.