May Business Partner Profile: A Choir of Angels Massage Center

This is the first of a series of articles which will highlight the Co-op's Business Partners. This month the focus is on Choir of Angels Massage Therapy, owned and operated by Pat Rutter. When Pat first moved to Moscow she sought out the Co-op as a place with like-minded people who could benefit from massage therapy. Throughout 2015 she is offering Co-op members a 10 percent discount on three one-hour massages – which reduces the cost per massage from $60 to $54. In addition she always has a discount for students. Pat offers Swedish-Esalen Massage with complimentary aromatherapy; Hot Stone Massage with essential oils; Customized Deep Tissue Work; Foot Reflexology; Hot Towel Wraps; and Pregnancy Massage.

There are many physical, mental, and emotional benefits of massage. Among other things, according to Pat, it produces deep relaxation, relieves muscle tension, increases joint flexibility, improves circulation, reduces blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, calms mental stress, increases clear and creative thinking, reduces anxiety, and promotes a sense of well-being. To quote Pat, “The more technical we become, the more necessary simple, non-technical touch becomes.”

Pat received her certification from the San Francisco School of Massage in October, 1989. She is celebrating her 25th year of being a massage therapist, which is something of an anomaly, as the average massage therapist's career lasts about four years. Pat worked in spas in California, in Benicia, Vacaville, and at the Amadeus Spa in Napa's wine country. She had two sisters in Idaho who encouraged her to move here. She started her business in Moscow on Almon Street in 2006, and later moved to her current location, 106 East Third Street, Room 1C (next to Cafe Artista downtown).

Pat was raised in southern California, the second of ten children. She attended college at the University of Dayton in Ohio and earned a degree in English, but almost became a physical education major. She was a slow-pitch softball pitcher for the California East Bay Sticks in the Senior Games in Orlando, Florida, in the late 1990's and has played volleyball throughout the years. She also keeps fit swimming in local lakes and reservoirs.

Pat is a woman of many interests. She owns a house in Deary where she grows a large garden and harvests fruit from an orchard on her property. She is a freelance writer, writing poetry, cartoon gags, and articles, including one printed in The Washington Post. She is also a songwriter and has produced a CD of original songs called Nature's Party. I listened to her CD and really enjoyed the touching lyrics and peaceful melodies. Pat has two sons, Alan and Bob, and three grandchildren. One year her sons each (separately and unwittingly) gave her a digital Nikon camera. She kept one of the cameras, furthering her love of photography—especially close-up photography of things like pine bark (which she says seems to reveal images) and beautiful photos of the interiors of tulips. Several of her photos have been entered in Moscow’s Art Walk.

To schedule a massage, call Pat at (208) 413-4773. Pat always welcomes new clients and offers “old fashioned customer service” and prompt phone responses.