June Co-op Kids

Our focus this month is on building fine motor skills through purposeful play! Kids will string snack necklaces, create a Father's Day gift for Dad, build a sorting game to take home, play together, and sample fresh local produce.

  • June 2 Cereal Necklaces
  • June 9 Making for Dad
  • June 16 Create your own egg carton sorting game}
  • June 23 Play at Friendship Square (we will meet there)
  • June 30 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Tasting

At Co-op Kids we facilitate simple, earth-friendly activities for young children and their families. Our activities are designed with children ages three to five in mind, though all ages are welcome to attend. Co-op Kids meets weekly each Tuesday morning from 9 - 10 a.m. in the Co-op Cafe unless otherwise noted.

Rebekka Boysen-Taylor is a teacher, writer and mama here in Moscow.