Moscow Community Gardens Has Plots Available

By Leigh Bernacchi, Moscow Community Garden board member

Do you love the fresh local produce available at the Moscow Food Co-op, Farmers Market, and downtown restaurants? The only thing sweeter than these perfect veggies is watching them grow by the work of your own hands.

The Moscow Community Garden is a friendly place to grow organic food and flowers for your friends and family. We share seeds, tools, and gardening tips. This year we’re working on building up our culinary herb collection and butterfly garden, taking care of the pollinators that take care of us!

Personally, as half of a couple new to Moscow, I did not know where we would be living after our lease ended. And I was happy to find the community garden because I could plant year-round, did not have to own tools, and receive much-needed advice from some real gardening experts. I was relieved that my plants would have a home even if we did not.

More recently, I had the pleasure of planting peas and strawberries by moonlight with a couple of nighttime gardeners—something I wouldn’t have done by myself. The gardening is great, but the camaraderie of fellow food growers is even better.

If you’re interested in a plot, come up and visit at one of the best sunset spots in town: 1040 West C Street, between Line and Peterson. We have seven plots remaining, in sizes to meet everyone’s needs and ability. The fee for the plot basically covers the water, but we can work with your budget. Email or find us on facebook.

In the words of my fellow gardener, regardless of where you garden, “may all your seeds germinate, your plants produce abundantly and your harvest overflow.”