Mamas + Papas: Cool Down for Pregnancy and Babies

With temperatures already in the 100s on the Palouse, we decided to offer up a list that can help pregnant moms and parents with babies and/or toddlers beat the heat!

Summer Comfort During Pregnancy

  1. Drink plenty of water and other liquids to stay hydrated.
  2. Schedule outdoor tasks and exercise for the morning before it gets too hot.
  3. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher throughout the day.
  4. Take quick showers during the day to cool off.
  5. Read a book in front of the fan or air conditioner with your feet up (to reduce swelling).
  6. Minimize salt and sugar intake.
  7. Take naps!
  8. Carry a spray bottle of water—your personal mister!
  9. Wear light colored clothing.
  10. Go to the pool, river, or lake!

Cool Down with Babies

  1. Keep your little one hydrated. Breastfeed often—breast milk provides all the hydration a baby needs.
  2. Go to the pool, river, or lake with your little one. A lightweight mesh wrap allows you to wear your baby while you both cool off.
  3. Find or make shade. Take a break from the sun under the shade provided by a tree or plant a large umbrella in the sand.
  4. Take advantage of a cool and fun destination. Think of places that have AC that would be either fun or practical—the library, the movies (newborns will often sleep through a matinee), a children’s museum, the grocery store, the mall.
  5. Stay home. It’s okay just to stay home if it’s too hot outside. For toddlers who need an at-home activity on a hot day, consider watering the garden, eating watermelon or popsicles, taking a bath.

Mamas and Papas Topics for August

  • August 3: Food Storage and Preservation, Misty Amarena
  • August 10: Moving with Kids: Providing Comfort and Stability during Transitions
  • August 17: How to Read for Early Literacy and Tell Stories without Books, Betsy Bybell and Jacki Fulwood
  • August 24: Setting a Schedule: Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents
  • August 31: Open Discussion. Family Check-in. Bring questions/topics that you would like to discuss.

Mamas + Papas

When: Mondays from 9:30 – 11 a.m.
Where: Uma Center (414 South Jefferson Street, Moscow—the corner of 5th and Jefferson)
Who: All interested participants are encouraged to attend!
Each Mamas and Papas Group Meeting features a speaker on a topic that is relevant to expectant parents or parents of children up to two years of age. Childcare assistance will be provided by Co-op volunteers during the meeting. The Co-op Outreach Team will be there with refreshments and samples. We hope to see you in August!