Palouse Choral Society to launch Fall Community Children’s Choir

Palouse Choral Society (PCS) is pleased to announce the formation of a Children's Choir beginning in the Fall of 2015.

Palouse Choral Society seeks to extend the celebration of choral music to the next generation through educational outreach for children in grades 4-6 by creating a choir that will provide an artistic outlet and cultural enrichment for children in the region. Singers will participate in a program that is classically based, with strong emphasis on healthy vocal production, music reading skills, and performance.

PCS has appointed Claire Murphy to the position of Children’s Choir Conductor. An enthusiastic and noted elementary music educator, Claire Murphy brings an abundance of experience and training to her new position including directing multiple children’s choirs and college/university lecture positions in the field of music education in North Carolina, Florida, and Idaho. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in vocal performance and music education respectively from East Carolina University and has twenty years of experience working with children's choirs.

Families interested in Palouse Choral Society’s Children’s Choir may send inquiries to .