September Staff Profile: Max Newland

Have you seen any interesting T-shirts lately? I have: each time I see Co-op cashier Max Newland he is sporting some intriguing symbol or story on his front. “Is that a super hero shirt?” asked my four-year-old son the other day. So we sat down with Max in the deli and over smoothies we talked of shirts and other things.

Fairly new to the Co-op, Max has been working here, as a cashier, since late May of this year. He and his fiancé moved to town the previous fall, and they began shopping at the Co-op. The store’s friendly atmosphere appealed to Max, and he was glad when he saw an opening announced on the bulletin board.

He says he loves working here. “I really like how close I feel here to the community,” Max told me, adding that it’s easy for him to see how the Co-op benefits everyone. “We don’t have stores like this in Louisville, where I come from,” he told me.

Max recently began eating vegetarian. “I don’t condone the conditions found in large-scale meat industry, and I don’t want to contribute to that economy,” he told me. He is learning more about vegetarianism as he works at the Co-op. “The quality of the products sold here is really high, and I like the way we sell so many locally produced items,” he said.

Max lives in Moscow with his fiancé, Cassie Geraghty, and their herding cat, Lydia. “She’ll come and find us when she wants something, and herd us to her quarry,” he said. Cassie is working toward her MS in geology, at WSU, and specializes in the study of volcanoes. Max completed his Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at Western Kentucky University, in 2013.

Among his extracurricular activities, Max produces a You-tube channel that features himself playing video games and chatting with friends. He is also a Dungeons and Dragons fan, and is soon to join a group of his co-workers in their game-in-play. Since Cassie studies Volcanology, I’m waiting for Max to show up wearing a T-shirt with Mr. Spock on it. But whatever shirt he’s wearing, Max always pairs it with a smile.