Co-op Business Partner Profile: Lilliput Maternity & Children's Boutique

Angela Grant, Missy Hawley, and Cindy Clark, two very compatible sisters and their mother, are co-owners of Lilliput Maternity & Children's Boutique. Their boutique has been open for over nine years and is filled with lovely mother and child items.

I recently purchased a beautiful multi-colored baby sweater there. The boutique is filled with good quality maternity clothes, nursing accessories, baby and children's clothing, shoes, soaps, lotions, toys and books. Their little girl clothes go up to size 6 and little boy clothes go up to size 4. They also sell non-maternity dresses including their $20 dress sale in the summer.

When Angela and Missy had their first children they had a hard time finding nursing apparel and bras locally. The sisters and their mother started tossing around the idea of opening a store and filling the need for those items. They attended a trade show in Seattle which started the ball rolling, and next February they will be celebrating the store's tenth anniversary.

Angela first came to Moscow from Lincoln City, Oregon to attend the University of Idaho. While taking classes toward her degree in Recreation and Tourism, she met a man from Alaska, Andy Grant, who shared the same major. They later married and ended up staying in Moscow. Andy is the director for Latah County Parks and they live out at Robinson Lake Park with their son Sam. Missy followed Angela to Moscow where she also met her husband, Dave Hawley, a local farmer whose family has been farming here for five generations.

Missy and Dave have three children – Jake, Ben, and Bekah. Once Missy and Angela were living in Moscow and began to have babies their parents moved up to Moscow to be near their daughters and grandchildren. Their mother, Cindy, works at the store four days a week, which allows her daughters time to volunteer at their children's school, Lena Whitmore. Missy and Angela's brother lives in Portland, where they enjoy visiting and then heading over to the beach.

The sisters' children have grown up in the back of the store where they had a play space to entertain them while their mothers worked in the front of the store. The boy cousins utilized nearby local businesses. They took music lessons at Keeney Brothers, played for people on the sidewalk outside the Lilliput store, then spent the money they made in tips at Hodgins. Bekah is the cute little girl in the photograph. Angela and Missy and their families enjoy time together traveling. Their favorite place to go is Disneyland. Angela has an “obsession with Disneyland” and goes at least once a year. She has even written an e-book, “The Average Mom's Guide to the Disneyland Resort: Tips & Hints for Planning a Magical Vacation”, available on Amazon for $2.99. It tells how to navigate Disneyland efficiently, offering tips and hints for travel, hotels, and planning your days inside the park.

Lilliput Maternity & Children's Boutique is located at 312 South Main. Because Lilliput is a Co-op Business Partner, Co-op members receive a 10% discount on a purchase of $50 or more. To learn more about the store, visit their Facebook page: