September Art at the Co-op

Our September artist is Ron Seiler. His show will open Friday September 11, with a chance to meet the artist from 5:30 pm to 7 pm.

Ron is a gifted artist as well as musician. We have been lucky enough to host his work on previous occasions and it has always been much enjoyed. He grew up in Northern California, and currently resides in Moscow Idaho. A lifelong musician, he began 'dabbling with charcoal drawing' in 2008 and soon moved on to the translucence of watercolor painting. He is self-taught and works both from memory and from photographs taken during his travels around the Western states.

He enjoys most painting scenes derived from Nature, and has been influenced by the works of Lee Weiss and Gwen Bragg among others. At the moment he is working on a series of seascapes. He writes of his art: “I strive to reveal the magic in nature through my watercolor paintings. Many of us have a special place in Nature, an unspoiled spot that is all our own. I use an approach combining realism, with strong hints of the surreal, in an attempt to elicit the emotions associated with discovering and enjoying these special places. I hope my watercolor paintings stir a deep love of nature in the viewer.”

I have always much enjoyed Ron Seiler's art and I think you will too. Meet the artist between 5:30 pm and 7 pm on Friday September 11. The show will continue through Wednesday October 7.