October Art at the Co-op

James Miley will be the artist of the month at the Co-op for October. His show will open the evening of Friday, October 9, and will run through Wednesday, November 4.

James is very much a local artist as he is a staff member right here at the Co-op. I love his artist statement so I am going to include it here in full.

He writes: “I was born in northern Illinois, now semi-retired and living here in Idaho. When I'm not washing dishes at the Co-op, I try to paint a little every day. I've been painting off and on for about six years and now do it on a more regular basis. With my formal education being an old television program, a three-hour instructional video and one art class, I like to say I'm a self-taught practicing artist. I started out doing geometrical designs and abstracts, but my passion is landscapes, ghost towns, and old buildings. I'm inspired by the mountains and trees, the colors of the seasons, and the ever-changing clouds that give each individual day its uniqueness. It's the beauty of these things, along with where I live, where I've been and the photos I take, that I try to create. Painting makes me feel good and relaxes me, even though at times I battle trying to get colors right and making my hand create what my eyes are seeing. For me, every painting is a challenge and an accomplishment. Every completed painting makes me want to do another one, so I think something must be working.”

I am so looking forward to seeing James's art. I loved the digital copies he sent me via e-mail. Come and meet him the evening of Friday, October 9, and continue to enjoy the show through Wednesday, November 4.