October Company Profile: Kate’s Real Food

The Moscow Food Co-op recently began carrying Kate’s Real Food bars, wholesome energy bars made in small batches with organic ingredients in Victor, Idaho.

Kate's Food.jpg

With a history of working in backcountry sports, organic farming, and restaurants, Kate Schade began making energy bars with peanut butter, milk chocolate, and trail mix, and selling them to skiers and other adventurers in the Teton Mountains region of Wyoming in 2005. She called them Tram Bars, and she still offers this variety along with four others.

In 2010, Kate expanded her offerings and founded Kate’s Real Food, where she serves as the CEO, “Chief Energy Officer.” The Co-op carries all five Of Kate’s Real Food bars: Grizzly Bar (dark chocolate, honey, dried fruit, and creamy peanut butter); Handle Bar (tart cherries, dark chocolate, and crunchy almonds); Stash Bar (peanut butter, dark chocolate, flax, and hemp); Tiki Bar (coconut, mango, and cashew); and the aforementioned Tram Bar.

Have the firefighters battling fires in our beautiful natural areas been on your mind? If you go to the Kate’s Real Food website (http://store.katesrealfood.com/firefighter-hero-bar/), you can purchase bars for a reduced price to be sent to the firefighters. You can even include a note to be delivered with the bars.

Kate’s Real Food Company’s mission is to promote outdoor play while supporting sustainable, organic farming.

Kate’s Real Food Company Snapshot
Founded in 2010
Headquartered in Victor, Idaho
Products produced in Victor, Idaho
Privately held

Amy Newsome has now decided that one day she will eat a Kate’s Handle Bar in the beautiful Teton Mountains.