October Staff Profile: Allison Anders

There’s a new face behind the Co-op Deli counter. Allison Anders began working here as a Deli Server in late July of this year. We recently sat down for a chat.

“I only started working at the Co-op recently, but I’ve been coming in here my whole life,” Allison told me. Her family moved to Moscow when Allison was two years old, so over the years, she shopped here with her mother, then hung out here at lunchtime with the rest of the Moscow High School lunch crowd. When she decided to take some time off from college, she thought of her pleasant memories of the Co-op and applied for a job here.

One of the things Allison likes about working here is the feeling that she’s reentered her hometown community. She told me she trusts the Co-op’s vision and respects its mission, and she likes being able to see the direct benefit of the work she does. She also enjoys her co-workers. “And it’s fun to watch customers come in and treat themselves to their favorite things here.”

Allison lives in Moscow with her parents, Paul and Janet Anders, and her brother. Paul works at the University of Idaho; Janet is a vet who works for the Lewiston Humane Society. The whole family are accomplished musicians; you may have heard them playing at a downtown venue, or in a friend’s living room.

Allison has one more year to go at Western Washington University, in Bellingham. Her major is a self-designed creative writing/psychology program. “I like to write nonfiction as well as poetry,” she told me. She has no set plan for life after graduation, though she thinks she may decide to return to Moscow. When she’s not working at the Co-op, or writing, Allison loves to play the piano and the banjo, “but not at the same time.” She plays several styles, including classical, folk, bluegrass, and Celtic music.

She also loves taking care of her family’s pets, who currently include several cats, a Yellow Lab named George, and Tilly, a Boxer mix. “My mom brings home animals from the shelter, and some of them have some behavior problems, and I like working with them to help them overcome their issues,” she said.

Next time you stop into the Co-op for your favorite treat, take a moment to thank Allison for her fine work.

Allison knows that Naomi’s son’s favorite Co-op treat is the mini pizzas.