Co-op Board News

The January 2016 meeting of the Moscow Food Coop Board of Directors was held Tuesday the 12th, and it focused on three points of work.

First the Board briefly considered changing the bylaws to allow Co-op staff to serve on the Board. Prompted by a request from an owner, the Board had solicited anecdotes from neighboring co-ops about their policies and experiences. Their responses were varied enough that our Board decided that in order to make a sound decision for our particular Co-op, we would need to do further investigation before making any change. Because our Board is currently very busy working toward a Pullman expansion, they felt that they could not make an informed decision before the Annual Meeting on April 10th, when a bylaws change could be voted on by the ownership. After considering options for moving the relevant language from bylaw to policy, the Board finally passed a motion to table the discussion for one year, and the topic will be placed on the January 2017 Board agenda.

The second discussion focused on finalizing a timeline for an update to our bylaws this spring. The revision must be approved by the full board, reviewed by an attorney, and then presented to the owners for ratification at the April 10th annual meeting. The primary change sought by the Board this year focuses on cleaning up language surrounding ownership. Clarifying this language will strengthen the “one owner, one vote” principle, while still allowing the benefits of Co-op membership to be shared within a household.

Finally, the Board held a brief executive session to approve the appointments of Emma Liang and Jolie Kaytes to the Owner Engagement Committee and to approve the slate of six candidates for the 2016 Board of Directors election. The candidates for this year's election are Bill Beck, Derick Jiwan, Adam Jussel, David Nelson, Idgi Potter, and Laurene Sorensen. For more information about the election visit A Voters Guide also will be published by February 12th.