Co-op Business Partner: Greenfield Naturals

Gary Greenfield, the enthusiastic and passionate owner of Greenfield Naturals, just returned from five months in India where his water treatment products are being installed and researched. He has found Indians to be very open to biomimicry, products and technologies which mimic nature.

Around 2009 Gary became interested in water and water treatment. He observed current popular systems and saw where they were lacking. According to Gary, water softeners and reverse osmosis remove healthful minerals, including calcium and magnesium, from water and from our bodies. Gary also believes that bottling water in billions of plastic bottles is an irresponsible treatment of the environment, because plastic bottles cause damage to humans, the environment, and sea life.

In 2009, Gary had a vision for a water device that could bring corrupted water back to its natural state, something he says would address the “energetic state of water.” He read works by Viktor Schaulberger, who writes about vortexes in nature. Vortexes work to energize and rejuvenate water, Gary says, bringing it back to its natural state. What he read sent him on a quest to understand the natural and mysterious attributes of water. He spent much time studying nature in the woods near Bonners Ferry and Sandpoint and has also travelled to China and Korea and throughout America to learn more about the unique and mysterious attributes of water in its natural state.

From his studies and observations, Gary says he created his energized water treatment system, which he says mimics aspects of the hydrological cycle. According to Gary, his device facilitates the transfer of beneficial electromagnetic frequencies into the water. Gary says his water energizing system is beneficial to soil, plants, animals, and people. He says that farmers using his system experience higher yields and better quality crops while using less water and no chemicals, and that his water system also benefits all water-based industrial processes, reducing scale and pitting and the need for chemicals to treat the water.

Gary sells treatment units in all sizes, from hand-held to industrial. In India this past year, Gary says he experienced success in over twenty farm trials, in industry, and also in a community water treatment plant. In the state of Marhastra, an agricultural university has taken on multiple research projects using Gary’s product, the Hydro Energiser, to determine its effect on high salt content in soils due to the use of chemicals.

Gary grew up in south Florida and moved to north central Idaho in 1975, where he has been a resident for the most part of 39 years. Gary’s business is located here in Moscow and in Bangalore, India. His five kids and seven grandchildren all reside in the area, but he is now spending more time in Florida to take care of his 90-year-old mother. For the last ten years Gary has led a nomadic lifestyle, traveling in order to further his research and development of products that can improve water quality for the world.

Greenfield Naturals is Moscow Food Co-op Business Partner

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