February Art at the Co-op

Carol Bradford is our artist of the month in February, with a show opening the evening of Friday, February 12, and running through Wednesday, March 9.

From childhood on, Carol has always made art. “I lived off-grid for several summers,” she writes. She created “while completing bird surveys for the Bureau of Land Management, and painted in my van during my down times.” Art was produced “on river trips down the Grand Canyon; in my bedroom while living with friends; while studying in Mexico; and always in my own studio when I had one— the creative voice is compelling—it can't be silenced.”

Carol's formal studies began at the University of Minnesota and continued at Grinnell College, Columbia University, Boise Sate University, and the University of Idaho. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and art from Grinnell College, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Idaho.

Raised in Minnesota, Carol lived in Oregon in the 1970s, and moved to the Palouse in 1982. She is a massage therapist who has counted Olympic decathlon champion Dan O'Brien and the America's Cup sailing team among her clients. She currently practices in Kendrick, having closed her Moscow office last June. Carol has explored many art mediums. Her ceramic sculptures and paintings have been exhibited across the Pacific Northwest, as well as in parts of the Midwest and California. We have cards of hers for sale in the Co-op that display great aptitude in charcoals.

I am excited to see which mediums and art pieces she decides to exhibit at her show at the Co-op. Carol has a deep love of nature along with an admiration for the beauty of the female form, a thread which runs through and inspires much of her work. Her art can be deeply introspective at times, revealing a very personal reflection of herself, her relationships, and her life. “If my art can be said to have a goal, it has not changed much throughout the years,” she says. “My sculptures, for the most part, still have a narrative.”

Carol still has ambitions to fulfill. She says, “I still want to make something as elegantly simple and beautiful as the organic landscape of the Palouse, or boulders of the Salmon River, with their Zen-like serenity and curves.” I look forward to Carol’s future creations, but I know I will be more than content, and much enthralled, by whatever she chooses to share with us here at the Co-op in February. Meet the artist from 5.30 – 7 p.m. on Friday, February 12, and enjoy the show through Wednesday, March 9.