Art at the Co-op

In November we are happy to welcome Sue Segota as our artist of the month. Her show will open Friday November 11, with a chance to meet the artist between 5:30pm and 7:00pm. The show will continue through Wednesday December 7.

Sue is in all ways a local artist. She has lived in Moscow for over 35 years, and paints local scenes in a wonderfully whimsical way. You will recognize scenes such as our beloved Farmers' market, areas of Main Street and many others set in our town and surroundings. Sue loves the “atmosphere of a small town combined with the energy of the University”.

In her words, Sue describes her love of art and of her choice of medium :

“I like to paint my hometown, and the surrounding countryside. To take places that seem invisible because of familiarity, and paint them in such a way that people see them anewis interesting to me. I often hope that people see themselves or loved ones in the painting, maybe experiencing a special place, or a familiar moment. To capture the personality of a place or a person that would otherwise be lost. My work tends to focus on creating emotions about a spot, not necessarily to have it be architecturally correct. I like to use people whenever I can to achieve a mood, along with light and intense color. Sometimes I will try to tell a story within the painting, and the medium of oil seems to invite the viewer to add their own interpretation, thereby participating in the final work. I also hope when you look into one of my paintings, you see and feel something not previously noticed, thereby extending the enjoyment of the painting.”

I feel sure that you will enjoy Sue Segota's work as much as I do. Meet the artist in the early evening of Friday November 11, and enjoy the show through Wednesday December 7.