Board News

October’s Board meeting was a productive and exciting one! The Board voted to expand to nine Board seats, which is an increase from the seven it currently has. The two additional seats will be filled in the upcoming March 2017 Board of Directors election. Owners interested in applying can find Board Information and Application packets on the Co-op’s website and at the Customer Service desk. The deadline for candidate applications to be submitted is 9pm on January 4, 2017. Consider applying for our Board of Directors and take an active role in the future of our Co-op!

Regarding the March 2017 election, the Board of Directors voted to remove the “no” vote option in the case of an uncontested election. Voters will have the opportunity to abstain.

Because the second Tuesday of November is Election Day, the Board meeting has been moved to Thursday, November 10. It will be held at 6pm in the Arts Workshop room of the 1912 Center.  We hope to see you there!