Company Profile: Big Dipper Wax Works

Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Dylan Thomas (1914-1953)

If you are reading this before November 6, drop whatever you are doing and go to the Co-op to buy some lovely Big Dipper Wax Works candles.  Because on November 6 you will realize that although the sun set at 5:26 yesterday it is going to set at 4:24 tonight and you’ll need something, like a beautiful natural candle, to cheer you up. 

Big Dipper Wax Works of Seattle produces all-natural beeswax candles, tea lights, votives, pillars, tapers, sculpted, and seasonal candles. They also create aromatherapy candles that are scented with only natural essential oils, never chemical fragrances.  Every step of their candle-making process is done by hand: pouring melted wax into molds, placing wicks, smoothing and flattening candle bottoms, and dipping tapers. If you ever want to try your hand at making your own candles, Big Dipper also sells blocks of beeswax, which can also be used for making soap and body care products.   

Big Dipper employs socially and environmentally responsible business practices. They are committed to creating products and a work environment that contribute to the health of their community and the planet. To support bees, Big Dipper sponsors Seattle Tilth, which organizes events to teach people about how to safeguard natural resources and build an equitable and sustainable local food system. Big Dipper gives away seed packets for bee friendly plants at Seattle Tilth’s annual events.  Big Dipper also supports research and education into colony collapse disorder, which is when bees suddenly and completely abandon their hives. They also donate to Heifer International to purchase beehives for struggling families around the world.  The hives not only increase food production on farms but also provide the families with food and income from selling beeswax, honey, and pollen.  

Big Dipper Wax Works’ mission is “creating all natural beeswax products of the highest quality using only the purest ingredients available.”

Big Dipper Wax Works Snapshot

  • Founded in 1993
  • Headquartered in Seattle, Washington
  • Green America Approved Business
  • 10% of Net Profits to Promote Sustainable Beekeeping

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 Amy Newsome has always appreciated the mild honey scent that the natural Big Dipper Wax Works candles have, especially since overly fragranced candles sometimes give her a headache!