Staff Profile: Kristina Milchak

Her dad wanted to name her Kris; her mom wanted to name her Tina. The compromise was easily agreed on: Kristina.

This next year, Kristina is devoted to (re)discovering her creative side. She thinks this discovery will lead her more deeply into some of the things that she's already interested in--photography, refinishing furniture, maybe soldering in jewelry work. She admits to wanting to gain some practical skills, and although her dad encourages nursing, she's drawn more to woodworking or welding.

She has been in Moscow for three years now, arriving here by a fairly circuitous route--Indiana, Alaska, Washington (Seattle), Oregon (Portland, Eugene, Bend), California, Utah, Indiana, then back to the Pacific Northwest where she finally found Moscow. For three years she travelled, mostly backpacking, with no Facebook, no iPhone. Now, in Moscow, she has plugged back in a little--still no car, checks in occasionally on Facebook to see what's happening with friends, but tries to keep it simple. She claims to be "a hermit at heart," glad to sip her tea and pet her cat Huck. (Adopted about a year ago, Huck has a really great purr.)

Kristina also has a passion for pinterest. Currently, she's exploring her Slavic/Scottish heritage; recipes and folk tales have been a fun and interesting way for her to begin her research. She enjoys dancing and music (especially metal, sometimes techno, with the occasional classical moment). She likes walking, camping, and hiking--loves the outdoors and going on random adventures. She also is into spinning LED-poi (think: illuminated instruments that create designs with movement).

She also loves Moscow. It feels safe, has a great community, and access to the outdoors that she needs. She also appreciates her Moscow Food Co-op co-workers--from the ones that unexpectedly help her out to the ones who make her laugh on a daily basis with their singing, random noises and funny faces.

Kristina has been working at the Co-op for a little over a year in the deli and was recently promoted to Person In Charge (or PIC). She has worked in food service before coming to the Co-op and appreciates that, even when hectic, there is a comraderie amongst the Co-op staff. The positive communication creates a unique and strong team and makes for less stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Sometimes, someone says something at a moment in time when you feel like you should listen a little more carefully. When Kristina and I were discussing how she finds balance, I was struck by her saying that she finds gratitude in the everyday. Gratitude in the everyday. Yes.

Favorite Co-op Foods: Pumpkin Enchiladas

3 things she'd bring if on an island (after specifying that this is not a survival situation): 1. Another Human/Friend; 2. Camera; 3. Journal