Art at the Co-op

Friday, December 9, will bring us another art opening, featuring Molly Klingler as the artist of the month. Although only 12, Molly has had several shows at the Co-op. Her art has grown more and more sophisticated as time goes by. From her early doodles to her now detailed and remarkable art, it has been a joy to watch her progress and her sheer talent.

Molly is a 7th grader at Palouse Prairie Charter School. She has been drawing and painting since she could hold a marker and draw on walls. She has many interests in life besides her love for art. Among many pursuits that truly reflect a love of life, she loves to read; to laugh with her friends; to swim in lakes; to draw on her friends; and to look at weird bugs.

Her mother, Sandi Klingler, thinks Molly is “pretty much the most fantastic human being ever!”

Come and see Molly’s art. The show will run through Wednesday, January 11.