Business Partner Profile: Hodgins Drug & Hobby

  • Pam Hayes, manager of Hodgins Drug & Hobby, shared interesting history with me about the store, which has been in business since 1890. Roland Hodgins began the store in Genesee in the 1880s, when Genesee was a bigger town than Moscow. When the University of Idaho opened in 1889, he moved the store to Moscow, realizing Moscow would be the new place for all the movers and shakers.

The store was originally called White Drug, and Roland Hodgins changed the name to Hodgins when the store moved to its current location. Pam’s father, Bob Beutler, and Will Heflin worked for Roland's son, Gerald, and eventually bought the store from him. When Will moved to Virginia, Bob bought his share of the store.

Pam has been helping in the store since she was in 4th or 5th grade. She married in 1979. She and her husband left town for 10 years before returning to Moscow, and she has been working at Hodgins ever since. Her father, Bob, retired in the 1990s, but still comes around often to check in at the store.

In addition to managing the store, Pam tests people for hearing aids. She says life can be difficult for people with hearing loss; they begin withdrawing from interacting with others. Untreated hearing loss not only brings social isolation, but she says it also increases the risk of Alzheimers by 25 percent. She says digital hearing aids are being improved all the time to better tune out background noise and bring speech front and center.

Hodgins provides pharmacy assistance and products to its customers. They have a drive-thru window, which Pam said is nice when downtown parking is at a premium. It's especially good for parents who have sick children and don't want to get them out of the car.

Hodgins is much more than a drugstore, though. They have a large inventory of games, hobby materials, and children's toys. Warhammer and Magic are huge draws for kids–the staff calls them their “big boy toys.” They also have family games, puzzles, Legos, Playmobile, and Melissa & Doug products, which Pam observed are “toys little kids have been playing with since day one.”

The staff does research to discover which toys are beneficial for children, including special needs children. Pam said, “Play is a child's work. It's how they discover, create, and master their world, growing in a positive way.” Hodgins stocks toys children can manipulate and learn from, including science kits and Green Toys, a brand which features toys made from recycled milk jugs. Hodgins won first place in a national contest for the best display of Green Toys.

A line of high-quality Little Adventure dress up clothes is also available, as well as a large plush toy section with unusual animals like anteaters, flying squirrels, hedgehogs, and big chickens.

UI students will be interested to know that their parents can set up accounts for them at Hodgins. Parents put money in the account, and their son or daughter can use the account to stock up on items they need.

Locally-owned Hodgins Drug & Hobby also helps support local schools. If you are a teacher and come in to purchase something for your school, you will receive a 10 percent discount.

To learn more about the store, check out their website: and their Facebook page:


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  •  At Hodgins Drug & Hobby, members receive a 10 percent discount on all purchases, excluding prescriptions.
  • Hodgins Drug & Hobby can be contacted at (208) 882-5536 or

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