Co-op Business Partner Profile: Altered Ego

Altered Ego is a high-quality clothing alterations shop located at 208 South Main Street, Suite 11, in Moscow. The business is co-owned by Chelsey and Sara; they also employ Taylor, a full-time contract worker.

Sara and Chelsey are experts in the art of sewing and love their work. They met in a pattern making class at the University of Idaho. Sara graduated from the UI in 2014 with a degree in Costume Design and Technology. Chelsey received her bachelor’s degree in Theater and Costume Technology from the University of Wyoming, then came to Moscow where she earned a graduate degree in Family and Consumer Science and Apparel, Textiles, and Design at the UI.

Altered Ego has been in business for nearly two years. Chelsey originally had a home business called “Little Byrd Alterations.” When she and Sara became friends, Sara asked Chelsey to let her know if she ever needed help. When they realized the need for an apparel alteration store in this area, Altered Ego was born.

Altered Ego's mission is to promote use of sustainable textiles, provide quality workmanship, and offer community enrichment. The women work on clothing for men, women, children, and animals. They do zippers, hems, and alterations to fit clothing to a particular body, including formal wear and wedding dresses. They are coming up on a busy time as they do alterations on prom dresses for six local schools. The shop also sews some household items like curtains and pillows, and will do custom work such as making a garment from scratch.

It is important to Chelsey and Sara to help the world by saving clothing that might otherwise be discarded. They will fix it for you, teach you how to fix it, or provide the resources you need to fix it yourself. They note that the average person throws away 70 pounds of textiles per year, which adds up to 21 billion pounds of textiles going to landfills each year.

One of the ways Sara and Chelsey provide community service is through offering classes. In the next couple of months they will be offering classes in Sew-a-Skirt, Rugged Repairs, Machine Basics and Sewing 101, and Hand Sewing Techniques. They also offer a Mommy and Me class for mothers and children, helping children learn to sew. They say that sewing helps with fine motor skills, geometry, and other math related skills. They are proud to share that a 13-year-old has been coming to them for instructions once a week for a year and has become very capable at sewing.

Carrie, the former costume shop manager at the UI, also comes in to teach specialty classes like bra making, leisure bra construction, window treatments, and slip covers. Chelsey and Sara hope to do a lot of sewing classes, especially for young children, to help bring back the joy of sewing for a new generation, since sewing is becoming a lost art, Sewing is for everyone, and they are happy to teach anyone willing to learn.

Altered Ego Is A Moscow Food Co-Op Business Partner

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