Co-op Business Partner Profile: Root Health

Through her business, Root Health, Kameron Schott offers traditional East Asian medicine as a way to holistically approach health and well-being. A Licensed Acupuncturist, Kameron treats a wide array of conditions and is especially interested in helping with mental health issues, musculoskeletal concerns, and pain.

Chinese medicine is much more than acupuncture – it also includes dietary and lifestyle advice, specialized herbs, and exercises like Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Kameron treats patients with reproductive issues and offers pre-birth services to make childbirth easier. Her patients include many athletes who avail themselves of her services for work on the musculoskeletal system. She also treats people suffering from the effects of stress and autoimmune disorders.

Before opening her business, Kameron worked as a wilderness therapist. She has a background in psychology and used that knowledge in her work with troubled teenagers, taking them on month-long expeditions as part of a residential treatment program. Kameron was drawn to acupuncture through her strong conviction in the innate power each of us has to be well; that each of us holds within the power to feel vibrant, connected, supported, and healthy. She attributes much of her conviction to time spent in nature, experiencing its patterns and how they’re reflected in each of us.

These basic tenets of nature are at the root of Traditional Chinese Medicine. To be licensed as an acupuncturist one needs a graduate degree. Kameron earned her masters at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, studying acupuncture, herbs, and Chinese medicine. She also took national exams to be board certified in Chinese herbs. Her instructors included many East Asian instructors and American medical doctors.

The first evidence of acupuncture being practiced was 5,000 years ago. From that origin, the field has many lineages. Kameron’s education focused on what’s called “Traditional Chinese Medicine.” She also studied and integrates Shiatsu, a form of bodywork, into her treatments. Following this education, Kameron worked for a year and a half at Healing Point, a clinic for Chinese medicine. Then she opened Root Health in the fall of 2013.

Kameron strives to make treatments accessible to all. She accepts insurance and cash payments and also offers low-cost community style treatments. She sees a wide variety of people – including older people with arthritis pain, athletes, those struggling with headaches, and anyone who wants to practice preventative care for optimal health. She offers a safe, confidential place to talk, where people can feel heard, feel the power of relaxation, and experience the benefits of acupuncture.

Kameron grew up in nearby Princeton where her family, including grandparents, still live. After high school she travelled to Germany for several years and caught the travel bug. She loves learning languages and has since travelled widely, wwoofing (a term used for volunteers who participate in “worldwide opportunities on organic farms”), climbing, and trying on other languages and foods. Kameron is a lover of nature and spends lots of time tromping around with her canine companion. She likes to rock climb, cook and eat good food (of course!), dance, and explore local plants and flowers.


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  • At Root Health Co-op members receive $10 off their first 2 regular visits OR $5 off their first 2 visits for low-cost treatments.
  • Root Health can be contacted at; 541-791-6878;
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