April Dime in Time: Friends of Hospice

For 21 years, Friends of Hospice has been easing suffering for individuals at the end of their life and the suffering of their families and caregivers. We complement hospice and end-of-life services with innovative approaches to filling unique patient and family needs. We believe that when patients and families are supported and gently guided, fear and uncertainty are acknowledged and then opportunities for a deeper understanding, and honoring, of the wishes of the dying are opened.

Friends of Hospice facilitates a richer understanding and awareness of end-of-life care, hospice services, advance care planning, and grief support in Whitman County. Friends of Hospice provides comfort to those in our community nearing the end of life, and their families, through its affiliation with the MUSIC & MEMORY℠ Program. The program can take place in patients’ homes or other facilities, such as Avalon Care Center and Pullman Regional Hospital. MUSIC & MEMORY℠ “brings personalized music into the lives of folks, vastly improving quality of life.”

Personalized music can ease pain and anxiety, provide comfort and calm, and encourage the sharing of memories stirred by the music. Families benefit by this gentle connection with their loved ones when traditional communication through words is often difficult. The project uses technology to provide personalized music for the enjoyment and benefit of older adults and their caregivers or families. Carefully selected music can stir memories that tap into earlier life events and bring back emotions associated with those important times. As we age, it is these long ago memories that carry the deepest meaning. Reminiscences of family and loved ones can be reawakened.

Using a laptop computer with an extensive iTunes music library, personalized playlists are created and uploaded to iPod Shuffles that are available for use at any time. The Co-op’s Dime in Time funds will be used to purchase equipment for providing personalized music, including iPod Shuffles and adjustable Koss headsets with foam ear pads, and for iTunes credits that patients can use to purchase their favorite music.

We deeply appreciate your support for the privileged work of serving those at the end of life. Friends of Hospice is certified as a provider of personalized music programs through Dan Cohen’s MUSIC & MEMORY℠ non-profit founded in 2006.

To learn more go to: www.friendsofhospice.net or http://musicandmemory.org/about/mission-and-vision/ or watch Henry tell you about his music on YouTube at

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