5 Spot: Giving Back

No doubt about it: Spring has arrived here on the Palouse. Tulips, daffodils, and forsythia opened the gates; now irises and peonies are gearing up to give us their own explosions of color and fragrance. The Wood element is awakening in the world around us as well as in our bodies.

“The highest destiny of the Wood element is benevolence and human kindness,” Loni Jarrett tells us in his book, Nourishing Destiny. What better time to practice this impulse to share than spring, when the Wood element stirs as it wakes from winter slumbers. Here are five ways you can move in harmony with this season:

  1. Be kind to yourself. Take a time-out next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Have a cup of tea, listen to your favorite music, call a friend, go for a walk or a bike ride. Add more greens to your diet. You may be waking up earlier with the sun, but continue getting to bed before 10 p.m. Keeping healthy at this time of year plants the seeds that help your immune system go into next fall and winter strong.
  2. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give something back to your mama! I head over to the Co-op’s Mercantile aisles when I’m looking for a gift for my mother, who loves all things kitchen. Perhaps yours might prefer a new fancy soap, or a skin care product? The choices abound.
  3. Engage with Mother Earth as well. Plant green things: a tree, some flowers. Or potatoes, peas, parsley, and other plants that can handle cool nights. Gardening is a wonderful way to connect with the land that sustains us and to observe the power of the Wood element as you watch sprouts grow from the seeds you plant. The Co-op carries a large stock of organic seeds, as well as potato starts.
  4. Join this wave: For inspiration, check out the Kindness Bus and its mission to teach children, teens, and college-age young people the importance and power of being kind. Read Bob and Bogart’s stories, and send them your own, here: http://www.onemillionactsofkindness.com/about/.
  5. Grab a friend or the kids and go on a walkabout, in your neighborhood, looking for ways to be kind. You’ll be amazed at what you see, whether it’s trash that needs picking up, an elder who could use help weeding, a lost dog who needs guidance home…. The opportunities are endless! Happy planting! Naomi can’t wait to see what our seeds yield in the seasons to come.

Happy planting! Naomi can’t wait to see what our seeds yield in the seasons to come.