Co-op Business Partner Profile: Andriette's Bed, Book, and Bicycle

Andriette Pieron opened Andriette's Bed, Book & Bicycle in 2009. Previously her daughter and granddaughter had been living with her. When they moved to Hawaii, Andriette thought she would rent out a room in her four-bedroom house. That proved to be popular, so she rented out two rooms, then three…

Eventually she realized people wanted the whole house. She found it easy to leave for a weekend to travel, go to a retreat, or visit family in Canada while the house was rented. Later Andriette doubled the space available by lifting the original 1915 house and adding a second three-bedroom house beneath – “the Lovely, Light, Luscious, Lower Level.”

The two houses are completely separate with their own entrances. The upper house sleeps eight and has a large deck off the kitchen and a garden patio, with room for many people to gather. The lower level sleeps six and has its own garden patio. The lower level was excavated to give it a wide, open outdoor space. The design is so pretty and popular that neighbors in her Fort Russell area imitated the design for their own renovations.

Andriette says people like having a full house to themselves. They especially appreciate having their own kitchen to cook healthy food in. When parents come to town for Moms’ or Dads’ weekends, renting a house gives them a place to gather together as a family. When the university is interviewing candidates, the house gives out-of-town candidates the chance to see what a typical Moscow neighborhood is like. People also like to rent out the houses for football weekends, music festivals, and special family gatherings such as reunions, funerals, and weddings.

The location is a close walk to downtown where they get to know the community. Andriette's Bed, Book & Bicycle is across the street from St. Mary's Church and within two blocks of three other churches and the 1912 Center – which makes it very convenient for those attending nearby weddings. Her houses also are available for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Three couples have exchanged their wedding vows in the beautiful garden area.

Andriette grew up in Holland and has incorporated her cultural upbringing into her houses. In Holland people eat outside as soon as the sun begins showing up, so she wanted the deck and patio on her houses to be inviting places to eat outdoors. She also loves flowers and has planted hundreds of tulips, along with other flowers, in her gardens. Flower arranging is a favorite hobby and when Andriette is in town she will often leave fresh flower arrangements in the house for guests to enjoy.

Andriette has the “most amazing angels” caring for her property while she is earning her master’s degree in counseling and drama therapy in California. Her neighbors, Susan, Ellie, and Sam Hunt, help plant and tend the garden. Local musicians and friends, Ivy Ross Ricci and her husband Joel, currently take care of the house. Andriette feels blessed to have people who love her and her houses. As she says, “The whole thing runs on love.” To learn more about Andriette's Bed, Book & Bicycle, read her blog at

Andriette's Bed, Book & Bicycle
is A Moscow Food Co-op Business Partner

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  • At Andriette's Bed, Book & Bicycle, Co-op members receive 10 percent off (2 night minimum).
  • Andriette's Bed, Book & Bicycle can be reached at (208) 882-2756 or For more information about the Co-op's Business Partner Program, please ask for a brochure and/or an application at the Customer Service Desk or click here.