May Staff Picks: Emily and Zachary

The first staff-person I spoke with this month was Emily D., who has been working at the Co-op for nearly one year, currently as the Mercantile Buyer. For her pick, Emily chose the Emily McDowell greeting cards.

Aside from sharing the same first name, Emily says she is a fan of this line of empathy cards because in addition to having really pleasing designs, they help you to say the things that just aren’t easy in a way that is funny and endearing at the same time. Emily says that “so often we tend to avoid hard situations when we don’t know what to say, but these cards serve as a good reminder for us to just let people know we care and are thinking of them even when we are at a loss for words.”

Emily McDowell greeting cards started out as a wholesale greeting card company in May, 2013. At first the company basically consisted of Emily creating designs in her bedroom, but it has grown to include two busy offices in Los Angeles and Las Vegas that now produce art prints, textiles, and mugs in addition to greeting cards. The company was founded on the idea of identifying universal emotional truths and observations on being human and to turn them into products that help people feel understood (Emily McDowell Studio, 2016). This company helps us to realize that inspiration can be found in everyday acts of humanity, and that no relationships are perfect, but they are still worth cultivating.

The next staff-person I spoke with this month was Zachary R., who has been working at the Co-op as a Deli Server for two weeks. Zachary’s recommendation is the C2O coconut water with pulp.

Zachary said he chose this product because it satisfies his craving for sweets without actually having too much sugar. Plus, he loves the taste of it and the electrolytes he gets from drinking it, and it also just makes him feel good. He says he always goes for the version with pulp because it adds a nice chewy texture.

Zachary says the C2O provides a welcome change from the funky tasting water at his apartment, and he thinks it is one of the more reasonably priced coconut waters. C2O Pure Coconut Water was founded in 2008 in Long Beach, California, on the principle that not all coconut waters are created equal. Their product consists of 100 percent pure coconut water from young green coconuts. The variety of coconut they harvest from is found in inland areas of Thailand, and C2O believes that this is a particularly sweet and fragrant variety that is not salty like the water extracted from coastal varieties of coconut.

C2O packs their coconut water fresh, and is committed to not using concentrate or adding sugar. C2O is also very proud that their products have received independent verification from the Non GMO Project as being GMO and BPA free. C2O comes in 17.5 ounce tall-boy steel cans as well as in 10.5 ounce tetra paks. The price averages 14 cents per ounce, which is very reasonable compared to some of their competitors.