Staff Profile: Jasan

Jasan’s thesis topic for her Bachelor in Fine Arts was Community, Spirituality, and Play. Play in the context of her title refers to more than just playing—it is infused with the concepts of ritual and freedom and order, specifically small and large daily rituals that influence daily lives.

Jasan, who works in our grocery department, is passionate about her thesis focus. In it she explored how no matter one’s spiritual path, a community is constantly learning how to successfully live together through roles, actions, and unspoken patterns. There is mostly a willingness in a community to share patterns and ritual, from opening the doors for one another to saying hello.

This thesis also had a visual component. Jasan made a “community” of 100 ceramic figures—each one with a homemade glaze and mostly barrel-fired. The results are compelling. The figures she makes are deliberately lacking distinctive facial features. They are intended to represent anyone and everyone. The barrel firing brings unexpected shading and colors to the figures, which adds a depth that can represent the lack of homogeneity in any particular community. Even with superficial similarities, the actual figures, like people, are intensely different and unique.

Because of this interest in people and community, Jasan had an easy transition to the Moscow Food Co-op—a place that deeply values both. She has been a grocery stocker for nine months now and appreciates the Co-op’s efforts to create and encourage community engagement and involvement. She feels that it is the small rituals, the open events that bring people together to eat, share music, talk, and build friendships, that aid in creating a stronger community.

Her love of painting, drawing, ceramics, knitting, and costuming (all types of art, really) keeps her balanced and energized. She has created a line of cards that will be carried and sold at the Co-op soon. She also likes hiking, photography, yoga, and belly dance. On hikes, she is able to take pictures of her favorite subjects—bugs and flowers; her macro photography – close-up photos of small things – celebrates the detail that can be found in small, often overlooked, bits of nature.

Growing up, Jasan lived all over, moving every one to three years with her family—to Wyoming, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Washington, Idaho. She has been in Moscow for eight years now and enjoys the projects she is currently working on. Fun fact: She travels to Faerieworlds, the world’s largest faerie festival, every year. Originally held outside of Eugene, Oregon, this year the music and art festival will be outside Portland, Oregon. The opening ceremony is the Spiral Dance, a dance that represents cycles of life, moving through these cycles together.

Jasan’s favorites:
Movie—Mad Max: Fury Road
Book—Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind
Superpower—Ability to End Suffering (healing power)