June Art at the Co-op

It is almost time for the wonderful annual treat of ArtWalk, hosted by the City of Moscow, with an opening night on Friday June 17th.

ArtWalk is such a great experience. Most businesses, including the Co-op, display the work of one or more local artists. During the opening evening Main Street is closed off to traffic, art lovers of all ages wander around downtown, music plays, side shows happen, and all is celebration.

The Co-op is hosting two special artists: the first artist is Yvonne McGehee, and her show will run from June 17th through July 27th. Yvonne McGehee's beautiful photographs of dogs have appeared in many publications, including the American Kennel Club Gazette and Hare 'n Hounds, and has also been featured in calendars such as those of the Washington State Employees Credit Union and the Borzoi Club of America. She won first place in the Chippewa Boot 'Call of the Wild' photo contest.

I feel lucky to be able to show her art at the Co-op, and happy that she is being recognized in the city's ArtWalk. Yvonne loves the Palouse, loves her dogs, and loves photography, all three loves evident in her art. She took her first photos in the 1960s, using a little Brownie camera. Her first subject was her collie Donnie, taken in a setting of Eastern hardwood forest. At that time, she lived in New Jersey and would take long walks in the Watchung Mountain Reservation, a 2,000 acre preserve.

In the 1970s Yvonne acquired her first borzoi, and moved to this area in order to attend Washington State University. In the 1980s, she had her first borzoi litter, three male puppies, and she kept them all. She loved their athletic grace, their beauty, and their interactions as they raced each other over the land, and was inspired to keep a photographic record. She then used a manual Olympus camera.

Today, still living on the Palouse, Yvonne now uses a Canon DSLR camera. She walks every day on the land just outside her home, and has gotten to know it deeply and well over the decades. She experiences this land, and watches her dogs experience this land, every day in all seasons and in all weather. Generations of her dogs have enjoyed the daily walks and the resulting photographs are warm, insightful and gorgeous.

Come and meet the artist during the evening of Friday, June 17th. The show will continue through Wednesday, July 27th.