Co-op Business Partner Profile: Yarn Underground

 Shelley Stone

Shelley Stone

Shelley Stone and Marisa Gibler opened Yarn Underground almost six years ago. They both had the same idea at the same time and that gave them the courage to pursue opening the business. Shelly said, “It's funny, the more we talked, the more we realized we wanted to do different things.”

Shelley wanted to do the ordering, accounting, and market research. Marisa wanted to do graphic design, marketing, and social media. So they were a good fit, each pursuing her own strengths.

About three years ago, Marisa left the business and Shelley took over full ownership. The store is a very colorful and inviting place to shop and knit. There are walls and walls of gorgeous yarn and samples of pre-made sweaters, scarfs, and other items around the store, providing inspiration to customers. The samples are not for sale; most customers are handy with yarn and want to create their own clothing items. In addition to yarn, the store also sells fiber for spinning, spinning wheels, hand cards, needles, tools, and a soap that is gentle on handmade yarn items.

Purchasing the yarn is the part of the business that excites Shelley. She has a strong interest in sourcing American made and local yarns, including yarns from the Palouse. She does much research to find the best quality sustainable yarns for her customers. Shelley also dyes yarns herself at home. She tries to find the balance between local and American yarns and yarns by well-known brands that people request. Shelly also considers the animals yarns are derived from. She will stock only local angora fiber because she knows the rabbits are raised in good conditions and are well loved bunnies.

Yarn Underground is a small business run by Shelly, who works really hard, and a handful of dedicated employees. Shelley said there is a big difference between ordering yarn on-line, and walking into a local store where helpful workers are available to help customers figure out how and why to use certain yarns and help them pick out the best quality product for their needs.

She is doing her part to build community with her downtown store. Money that is spent locally circulates around the local area rather than being removed from our community. This month Yarn Underground is sponsoring the Palouse Fiber Arts Festival, from June 17th to 19th at the 1912 Center. At the festival will be great Northwest local vendors, such as Jenkins Yarn Tools, Greensleeves Spindles, and Greenwood Fiberworks, along with “Awesomely Talented Teachers,” including Sarah Swett, a local fiber artist.

This year there will be a free lunch with registration and on site coffee with the South Fork Public House Food Truck. To learn more about the festival go to

Shelley is married with two children. When not working at the store, she enjoys fun in the outdoors. She likes being in the woods, hiking, riding her bike, camping, and river rafting. She also loves visiting her family in Maine, where she and her family will be going again this summer. To learn more about Yarn Underground, check out their website:


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