Staff Profile: T. Maxwell Newland, a.k.a. Max

My first impression upon hearing Max speak was that he has an incredible voice--the kind you would hear on the radio or in a sports stadium--somewhat deep, with crisp articulation and a precision to his cadence that has you listening a little more attentively. And what do you know? In college, he studied acting, then communication, specifically interpersonal communication with a focus on speech analysis, speech writing, business speaking, public speaking, etc.

He's worked briefly as an NPR announcer. He would like to get a freelance voice-over career going, cartoons specifically, which is admittedly more difficult in the Palouse. His wife, Cassie, recently bought him a really great microphone so he can pursue his interest in the You Tube videogame webseries voice-over world. For those of you who aren't familiar with the You Tube phenomenon of watching others play a video game with explanations, let's take a brief interlude**.

 **As you may know, you can watch people doing almost anything on You Tube as they narrate their actions, from cooking to Lego building to video gaming. (As I've learned from having two young daughters, you can watch other children playing with Barbie Dolls on You Tube. Although I find it ridiculous for my two creative daughters to be watching other children come up with mediocre storylines for their dolls, and I can be heard saying such things as, "Turn that off and go play with your own Barbie Dolls!", they really enjoy it.)

 However, unlike the amateurs playing with their dolls, Game Grumps is a Let's Play webseries that is hosted by a professional animator and a musician and is currently Max's favorite. Game Grumps videos consist of varying hosts playing a video game, featuring their experiences with, and opinions of, the chosen game. Lengthy games often result in series of ongoing gameplay and commentary, until completion. (Thank you, Wikipedia!)

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Max and his wife, Cassie, met in Indianapolis, Indiana, and eventually drove to the Palouse after she was accepted into a Master's Program at WSU. They drove through Colorado and Nevada on this trip and Max went camping and hiking for the first time. He says he and his wife are a good team in this way, finding adventures wherever they are—he loves to navigate new cities and she is great in the outdoors.

They've been in this area for approximately two years now. Max, who likes to have two jobs at one time, works for both the Moscow Food Co-op as a cashier and at Maialina as a host. He loves both jobs. He has worked in various direct service positions since he was 17 years old. He worked for a corporate grocery prior to seeking a position at the Co-op and says there is no comparison—the Co-op position makes him happy; he feels respected by his employers and has health care/retirement/paid time off (something he had never had before in similar positions.)

 Max currently hosts the Co-op's Open Book Management meetings where data about operations, sales, and other efforts is shared with employees to unite everyone in the effort to fulfill our mission and continue to improve. He feels like this is a great way to involve employees. He's been at the Co-op for a little over a year.

  • Pet(s)—One little, black cat name Lydia. (They have spoiled her rotten and will have to live with the consequences for a decade. She's the boss in the house.)
  • Superpower—Photographic Reflexes (Think the Taskmaster, a lesser known Marvel antihero who can watch someone do a task, then replicate it himself, i.e. watch someone play the piano beautifully, then possess that ability.)

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