Art at the Co-op

I hope you are all enjoying the art all over town on display, thanks to the City of Moscow's annual ArtWalk. The co-op features two artists during ArtWalk. As I write we are very much enjoying the photography of Yvonne McGehee. Her show will continue through Wednesday July 27th, so come by and have a look if you haven't already done so. All her photographs are on sale, and very reasonably priced. Talk to the staff member at the customer service desk if you would like to purchase a piece.

Our second artist is Lisa Carlson, and her show, also photography, will open officially on Friday July 29th with a chance to meet the artist on that evening between 5:00pm and 6:30pm. Here is what she says about her art :

'There is a catch phrase from the 1960s: "Stand still and look until you really see.

 The older I get, the more I stand still, and I like to think, the more I really do see. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest gathering treasures from forests, meadows and stream beds. Having lived overseas for 20 years I’ve also been drawn to European cultures and "Old World" traditions. Today, I explore them both through the lens of my camera.

 I’ve been delighted to discover, as well, the mountains and hills of Moscow are full of beauty and inspiration that can be captured at the right moment and in the right light to be shared forever. 

 For years I took photographs with a film camera. These days the process of selecting and composing an image is my guide for digital shots. The challenge of presenting a subject in a manner thatreflects its worth, value or beauty brings me pleasure.

 I hope these images will make you want to pause for a moment, take a second look and appreciate what is wonderful in the world around us.'

Come and meet Lisa on Friday July 29th between 5:00pm and 6:30pm. Her show will continue through Wednesday September 14th.