Staff Profile: Erin Hubbard

Erin Hubbard has been a cashier at the Moscow Food Co-op for one year and three months. Drawn to the Co-op because of the good food, delicious smells, and excellent product selection, she stays not only because she still appreciates all those things but also because of the sense of community and fantastic team of co-workers. She feels Co-op employees are working towards the same goals and prioritize teamwork; it feels good to be part of a thoughtful, engaged group, and to be maintaining and experiencing such a positive day-to-day work environment.

In her spare time, Erin enjoys yoga, dog sitting, the sunshine, and hanging out with friends. She is able to combine three of these four favorite activities by practicing yoga in the University of Idaho’s Arboretum.

Erin recently came up with a tentative idea for combining two of her passions – running a foster home in Moscow that cares for both children and animals. The children and animals could develop a lasting relationship, and provide support for one another; perhaps the child could take the animal when s/he leaves the foster home. It’s in the very initial stages of development, but the future is a big, bright place that definitely has room for this vision.

Erin has travelled to Canada (with friends), Italy (with family), and Australia (with People to People, a student ambassador program). Although very happy living in Moscow with no plans to move from the area, she would choose teleporting as her superpower — c’mon, how can you go wrong with that power? Initially, she would teleport internationally to check off visiting Turkey and Spain from her list, then take on the rest of the world. Thanks to a summer road trip with her family, she has travelled extensively domestically. She has visited 40 of the 50 states, pretty much travelling the circumference of the U.S. That was the summer that her dad, ex-Air Force, worked to restore the Eula May for the Smithsonian in the D.C. area. She spent a lot of time in the car, but it was an unforgettable experience for her.

C.S. Lewis is her favorite author. Perelandra, the second book in his science fiction trilogy, is her favorite book. It tells of Dr. Ransom’s voyage to the planet Perelandra (Venus), a beautiful, innocent world that needs to be saved from the evil clutches of Dr. Weston, an old enemy. Maybe your next summer read?

Erin most recently read Captain Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth by J.V.Hart. Her favorite T.V. series is “The 100”.

If Erin was stranded on an island, the three items she would want to have with her are: a machete, and the books: How to Build a Raft for Dummies and Botanical Encyclopedia.

Erin feels the two Co-op Deli foods that should be sampled by all foodies are: mashed potatoes and biscuits with sausage and gravy.