Staff Profile: Patrick O'Farrell

At the time of our interview, Patrick O'Farrell was just a day away from celebrating his one year anniversary with the Moscow Food Co-op. He started as a dishwasher in August 2015, moved into the position of bakery merchandiser (i.e. bagging bread, organizing baked goods on the floor, etc.) in November and will be a baker by the end of the month! He has enjoyed the various Co-op hats that he's worn, but is looking forward to focusing on mastering the craft of baking for the Co-op. What had Patrick eaten that morning for breakfast? Troll Haus cookies with milk. Yes, the bakery will be a good place to start the day for Patrick.

Patrick grew up in Blanchard, Idaho, a small town north of Spirit Lake. Although originally a theatre major at North Idaho College in Coeur d' Alene, he graduated with a philosophy degree then moved to Moscow and accepted a job at the Co-op. He enjoys his colleagues and the work environment – both are positive and real. Because of that helpful positivity and the community feel in the store, he is a loyal Co-op shopper.

Patrick recently started climbing at the University of Idaho's climbing wall. He enjoys biking and has a new road bike. He studies Japanese, having taken classes this past year. He also is an avid movie watcher. His favorite is “Before Sunrise”, the first in the “Before” trilogy, starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. It's directed by Richard Linklater, who also directed Hawke in “Boyhood”. Patrick enjoys this movie because of the dialogue ("great", "human") and the centralized focus on the development of the relationship between the two main characters.

Given his love of film, it may come as no surprise that he experiments with making his own films. He has an upcoming project where he is shooting a music video for a friend's band. He has created a rough story board to guide his filming and seeks out opportunities like this where he can gain as much practice as possible. He would like to eventually study film theory.

When Patrick was young, he traveled to Europe. He has returned since then, visiting Paris, Amsterdam, Germany, and Switzerland. One of his long term goals is to move to Europe or Japan (depending on how the Japanese language learning goes).

Nickname? Nope. Not opposed to nicknames, but he likes and prefers the name Patrick.

Favorite Co-op Food:  Garlic Lover's Pasta Salad

Optimistic? Yes. He also finds humor in most things.

Super power: Although he is tempted by immortality light (long lived and hard to kill), invisibility, and flying, he settled on being able to control his ability to focus – to turn it off or on for long or short periods of time, but to be immune to distraction.