Board's Eye View: A Co-op on Campus

COMING THIS FALL, A CO-OP ON CAMPUS! The Moscow Food Co-op is pleased to announce that we have found the location for a Co-op on Campus at The Center, located at 822 Elm Street on the University of Idaho Campus. The Co-op on Campus will expand UI students’, staff, and faculty’s ability to choose healthy, local, and sustainable food and create a “third place”— a welcoming, safe, on-campus gathering space for Co-op owners and community members.

The campus location, at just over 200 square feet, will include a coffee and espresso bar, proudly serving local and fair trade coffee, grab-and-go sandwiches prepared by the Moscow Food Co-op deli, a variety of cold bottled beverages, and a selection of frozen food items.

The Moscow Food Co-op Board sees the campus location as an opportunity for UI students to learn about the Seven Cooperative Principles—a set of guiding values for all cooperatives—and experience the cooperative difference.

Establishing a Co-op presence on campus moves us toward fulfilling the goals outlined in the Co-op’s Strategic Plan. This document, which can be viewed here, was developed by a committee of Directors, management, and Co-op owners with input from our community members. This expansion to the UI campus supports our goal of increasing accessibility to local, sustainable, and organic foods while also growing our Co-op community.

The Co-op’s Board and management team have been working closely with the Center’s Board to create a space that supports the goals of both organizations. Jodie Tooley, The Center’s Board President says, "The Center strives to be a place which cultivatescommunity—nourishing the lives of our students and encouraging compassionate leadership. We're delighted to welcome The Moscow Food Co-op, and look forward to discovering many ways we'll work together to model the strengths of cooperative relationships."

Rest assured, we’re still working diligently to find a space for a Co-op location in Pullman. We now have a dedicated Project Manager who is working with the General Manager and Board to ensure the new location meets the needs of the Pullman community.

As we move closer to a firm opening date for the Co-op on Campus we will be posting for a site manager and part-time employees.

More information about an opening celebration will be available as plans are finalized! Please email with any questions.