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It's October, the month for wearing costumes. After working 20 years for the Latah County Library District, Merry “June” Falk, of Costumes by June, is now devoting her time to creating high-quality costumes for Halloween, plays, and other events. She also sews beautiful dresses for proms and weddings. June said sewing is “so Zen” for her. She finds it calming to work with fabric and stitch together unique creations.

June's costumes are very durable. She says mothers find their children want to wear their costumes not just at Halloween or performances, but also every day to school or the park. The costumes are well-made with quality materials and will last a long time, even with repeated wear.

June was always attracted to sewing. As a young girl she began by learning from her mother and 4-H projects, but soon found she was good at “breaking the rules” and changing patterns to do things her own way. As a young mother, she bought remnants from the fabric store and sewed all her children's clothes. From there she has become a master seamstress who can create a costume just by looking at a photo and has a successful online business, in addition to local customers.

She recently gave her 40-year-old sewing machine to a granddaughter and purchased a new one. She runs her sewing machine and her old serger (a sewing machine used for stitching edges to prevent fraying) all the time, and says they are “workhorse machines,” nothing fancy.

June sews her costumes one at a time, so each is an original. Many popular costumes are ordered frequently, including Dorothy of Oz, the Tin Man, Mickey Mouse, Ariel, and Jasmine. A Pennsylvania dance company ordered 22 Dorothy costumes to be used in yearly productions.

June said, “My inspiration used to be Disney, but now my inspiration is my customers.” She has customers from as far away as Australia and Spain. She was recently commissioned by the Pacific Science Center to create two adult-sized Pacific Sea Nettle jellyfish costumes as well a nautilus costume.

June's husband, Denny, helped her set up the sewing room in their home. He created a fake door to hide an ironing board, and, with June's directions, made shelving to hold bolts of material. June also removed a couple of shelves from an old china cupboard to create a space to store 60-inch bolts. June buys material by the bolt when it is on sale for half-off. Getting deals on fabric allows her to make a profit on her creations.

June earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design, and enjoys designing and upgrading rooms in their home. She and Denny own 20 acres of forest just outside of Troy where they have cross country skiing trails and plenty of forest animals. June and Denny have four children and seven grandchildren who all enjoy visiting them there. June has granddaughters who caught the sewing bug from her. One granddaughter designed Celtic costumes for Main Street Dance members in Lewiston, and another, at ten years old, sewed a hot pink dress with a high/low skirt (shorter in the front and longer in the back). They all love getting together to sew.

To learn more about June's beautiful costumes and how to order one for yourself, check out her website,


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At Costumes by June, members can choose between a 10% discount on sewing services or a free trip charge or free delivery of alterations, repairs, or custom sewing. Costumes by June can be contacted by emailing or by calling (208) 835-5597.

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