Staff Profile: Brice McLaughlin

Brice McLaughlin thinks outside the box. He has a passion for physics and is currently a produce stocker at the Co-op. After working in the Co-op's meat department for approximately two years, he made the switch to produce because he wanted something new. He enjoys his work at the Co-op.

When asked what his favorite food at the Co-op is, Brice answered "pepperbrats" without hesitation. Now, I grew up being told never to watch the sausage being made. As we all know, if something is described as being similar to watching sausage getting made, that usually implies some sort of unpleasant truth will be revealed, one that will certainly leave us less fond of eating sausage. Brice, on the other hand, actually made the sausage at the Co-op for a long while and is here to assure us that we would not only still be eating it but that it may very well become our favorite thing to eat. That is one of the very things that he loves about the Co-op, the high standards to which the Co-op adheres. Whether it's the quality of the meat being used, the cleanliness of the sausage-making process, the connections being made with customers, or the produce being stocked effectively and aesthetically, Brice finds that the Co-op delivers a high-quality experience.

Brice has an undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Idaho. In fact, he moved down to Moscow from Post Falls to complete his degree. When asked what he does in his spare time? He reads books on physics. When asked how he relaxes, finds his balance? Physics. When asked who he would choose to be if he was able to be anyone in the heyday of their career? He'd be Nikola Tesla. You remember: Tesla was the inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, and physicist who worked with Edison before striking out on his own. Tesla is best known for his contributions to the design of the alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. (To clarify, Brice would not necessarily want to be Tesla; he would rather want to see all Tesla's inventions, what he was working on, how he approached his work, and experience who he was working with.) If asked whether he has an invention inside him, Brice says that he might have an invention inside him but that he hasn't found it yet.

Regardless, Brice appreciates how physics always provides the possibility to discover something new. He says that most university physics research is 40 years more advanced than what is commercially available. He would like to eventually work near the coast (though not in a tsunami line) with semi- and super conductors. Energy storage applications, specifically sustainable energies, are his passion.

Brice’s favorite Co-op foods: pepperbrats and Parrano cheese, in that order.

Brice’s super power: the ability to learn without ever feeling overloaded or needing to take a break to absorb knowledge. His brainpower would increase exponentially because the more he learned, the faster he could learn the next thing.

The three things he'd have if stranded on an island (if there were no size limitations): a pallet of MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat), a trailer, and a machete.