Board News

Author: Idgi Potter

The September meeting of the Board of Directors reflected the changing of seasons, as we wrapped up loose ends and began scheduling our work for the remainder of the year. 

In old news, we are tying up a few loose ends in our new Board Policies and are in the last stages of preparing our new Bylaws for owner ratification.  In new news, we welcomed Tim Kohler to the Board, are getting ready to launch our 2017 Board elections campaign, and are excited about progress on the new Coop on Campus.

In ongoing work, the Board and General Manager are still searching for a site to open a Pullman store and working to tighten operations at our existing one.  Our Fall Board Retreat, scheduled for November, will take the Board into the world of detailed financial reports and pro formas, making sure that we are able to make the best possible decisions when it comes to investing in projects.

With all this on our plate, the last few months of the year are sure to be busy – we'll see you next month with more news!