Board News

At its December 13, 2016 meeting, the Board formalized the process for considering proposals for future growth, determining the information needed to make sound decisions that minimize risks of expansion.

These guidelines direct the General Manager (GM) or a designated growth manager to prepare a clear written proposal for each growth option that includes the information below.  Each proposal will be considered by the Board at a meeting dedicated solely to that purpose. 

If any element listed below is omitted, an estimated date for providing the information will be included. The GM determines whether each proposal contains enough information to present to the Board, and whether a proposal merits staff time.

Proposals to the Board will include:

 1.    Internal readiness indicators

a.     organizational capacity

b.    financial feasibility

2.    A summary of the proposal—what, where, when—addressing the question “Does this site meet the stated needs of our owners?”

a.     market feasibility

b.    design feasibility

3.    A summary of the benefits of the proposals and the ways in which it furthers the Coop’s goals

4.    Preliminary timeline for project completion and major decisions, with reference to desired outcomes at major decision points.

5.    A summary of the risks

a.     financial, including sensitivity analyses and pro forma budgets

b.    organizational capacity

c.     opportunity costs

d.    anticipated difficulties

6.    Specific requests of the Board

7.    Other considerations that the GM or growth manager wants the Board to consider

Questions/comments about Co-op expansion can be sent to or